1933 With Jack and Jill in Motor Car Land

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 Not every boy and girl can sit down with a fa­mous engineer, as did Jack and Jill, to learn all about motor cars. For that reason the story, just as Jack and Jill heard it, has been printed here so that you and other boys and girls, too, may learn how automobiles came to be made and what makes them go.

 Chapter I: First We Had to Have Gasoline

 A LONG time ago, millions of years ago, great forests of trees and other vegetation covered the earth in such places as are now the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, California, Oklahoma, Michigan and other parts of the world also, such as Roumania and Mexico, some parts of South America, and many others including probably a great number we don’t yet know about.

There were no saw mills in those days to cut the trees up into lumber because there weren’t any people on the earth then. The trees them­selves were not much like those we have today. The other vegetation, too, was different. There were ferns, perhaps as tall as great oaks. There were palms, strange giant flowers and other tremendous plants. All of this plant life grew thicker than that of any tropical jungle today. The earth was warmer in those days and all plants grew faster and bigger.

Fearful beasts of tremendous size roamed through these great jungle­like forests. They had to be big to be able to reach up and nip off the leaves of the trees for food. Most of them, too, had long necks so they could reach farther. Anyone who has been in a natural history museum knows what some of them must have looked like because in such museums are shown reproductions of such animals as the dinosaur. Besides these great creatures there were also the mighty brontosaurus—the thunder lizards which roared like thunder and many thousands of other kinds equally as big. They over-ran the world.

The* earth, which still more millions of years ago had started as a great molten mass, kept cooling off more and more. The climates changed. The food supply for the great beasts grew short and they died. ..."


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