1933 Packard Sales Information

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After living through the testing and proving period of our 10th Series cars I believe the strongest pivot upon which we can swing our sales during 1933 is through the process of a Comparative Ride.

It would seem that the word demonstration has outlived its usefulness because almost any car will demonstrate satisfactorily when new. A Comparative Ride, on the other hand, is much more comprehensive and when properly given it will quickly prove the superiority of our product.

The10th Series cars have an abundance of mechanical features yet by farthe biggest feature about a Packard car is that it is A Packard. They are superlative in prestige background, beauty, and economy of operation. They possess an outstanding degree of Roadability.Becauseyour prospect will quickly understand and have a keen appreciation ofeverything that contributes to this ability we want you to make it the foundation for your Comparative Ride. ...

Very truly yours,

M.M. Gilman
VicePresident of Distribution“


  • Sales Information on Packard Eight, Super Eight and Twelve

  • Customer´s Comparative Ride Check-Up (Accelearation, Top Speed, Deceleration, …)

  • Packard Standardized Presentation (How to sell a Packard?)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Body Ventilation

  • Engineering Specifications

  • Dimensions of Packard Cars

  • Financing the Car

  • Prices and Equipment

  • Comparison of List Prices at Factory of Packard, Cadillac, La Salle and Pierce-Arrow Cars


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