1933 Packard Super Eight Prestige Brochure

From the brochure:

“THE PACKARD SUPER EIGHT recognizes no rival save the Packard Twelve, of the same engineering talent and manufacturing ability. It challenges any other car on any motoring count - in performance, in luxurious comfort, in safety, in beauty and in prestige of ownership. And it politely challenges you to let it speak for itself on crowded street or open highway, whatever the route of your choosing.

       It is only natural that the foremost pioneer of the straight-eight engine should perfect it in the Super Eight to a point where this fine car challenges position with all large cars, regardless of size or number of cylinders. Nearly a decade ago Packard introduced the design. Out of its broad experience in creating and building an engine type quickly adopted by the industry and established as its most popular motor, Packard engineers have achieved in the Super Eight a smooth effect of mighty power even greater than that of some other multi-cylindered motor cars. Like a lustrous jewel in a rick setting, the flashing performance, silky smoothness and deep silence of the Super Eight power plant are set against a background of chassis and body refinements that match them well in motoring luxury. Beauty and dignity are combined in the modern low streamlines so smoothly blended into the well loved old characteristics of Packard distinguished appearance. Singling out its mechanical improvements is like naming the outstanding instruments of a fine symphony orchestra where each plays its part to result in one harmonized whole. From ventilation control, power brakes and Brake Selector, new rubber motor mountings, downdraft carburetion, automatic choke and a new engine lubricating system down to the last little mechanical refinement the Super Eight motor, chassis and body combine to produce that Packard ensemble termed roadability. It is one of the many delightful experiences that make the ownership of this modern car as pleasurably thrilling to the purchaser as his sensations with the very first motor car he ever bought. Any description, however pictorial or verbal, can only highspot the blended beauties of the Super Eight. Words are one thing, actions another; and so confident are we in what we say about the Super Eight that we repeat our friendly challenge to you: let the car itself prove how conservative are all these and subsequent statements in the pages that follow!”


-          A Portfolio of Twelve Luxurious Body Styles

-          Background on Production Details

-          Description of Super Eight Details

-          Packard Super Eight Specifications



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