1933 Packard Eight Prestige Brochure

From the brochure

“I sincerely believe that the new PACKARD EIGHT contains greater improvements than any car offered during the preceding ten years. Not all of these improvements are sensational or as observable as the new ventilating system, the adjustable brake control, downdraft carburetion, boosted brakes, and other features I might mention. The great strides we have made in the new Packard Eight touch all the essentials of fine motor cars: appearance, luxury, power, acceleration, roadability, ease and assurance of control, and safety under all conditions of traffic. They result from our knowledge that people are tired of bargain merchan­dise at bargain prices and are already turning to the quality market we have always engaged in. In the thirty-three years that Packard has been selling and servicing fine cars, 543 manufacturers have entered the industry and left. Some lacked money, others idealism; but Packard had plenty of both. It still has, as your scrutiny of our latest fine product will show. Our ample assets and excellent cash position have enabled us to even enlarge our engineering staff and improve plant facilities. We have done this with the avowed intention of giving the 1933 buyer his choice of, literally, the greatest Packards ever built. I feel satisfied that in the new Packard Eight, so typical of them all, we offer you new standards of modern automotive value.”



-          Fourteen Handsome Body Types – Open and Enclosed on two wheelbase lengths

-          Details on the Packard Eight Interior

-          Description of advanced Technical Features

-          Packard Eight Specifications



-          High Quality Reprint

-          Color

-          28 pages

-          Dimensions 11.7” x 8.3”

-          Paper Weight 115 lbs

-          Spiral Bound



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