1933 600,000 Miles of It

From the brochure:

“Okay” said the Colonel (Vincent´s the name)as the rays of the Stroborama, one of the many precision instruments  that helped my development paused the action of my motor so that no matter how fast the dynamometer drove my parts, the Chief could see in slow motion their long-life functioning. "Okay" he said,take her out and let´s see if she looks as good on the road and track as she proves up on paper and test. Well, that was sweet music,for being active by nature I was getting the itch to strut my stuff in the open after all the long details of growing and checking and revising in the Packard plant. It was a good many months ago that the Boss sent me out. Some 600,000 miles rolled beneath my wheels and those of other companion cars before they laid my diary on the Chief’s desk. Now I knew I was pretty good—you’ve got to be to stand the strain of all I went through—but imagine my delight when a slow smile broke over the Colonel’s face as he said: "Put her into production. She’s the best tested Packard ever turned over to the manufacturing department!" My diary told the story—want to read it, too?


  • The Test Car No. 1000-x tells its own Story of Engineering and Proving

  • Eight – Super Eight - Twelve


  • High Quality Reprint

  • Color

  • 18 Pages

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