1920 The New Packard Twin Six

From the brochure


LINES of spirited beauty — lines that allure with their grace and sparkle J in their free movement — are the instant and special appeal of the Third Series Packard Twin Six. What the mechanical engineers did for road performance in perfecting the Twin Six engine is paralleled in this achievement of the body designers for appearance sake.

From the standpoint of style and beauty, this is a new Packard — a new creation—just as, two years ago, the first Twin Six motor was a new power plant. The Twin Six motor established a new measure of ability and is conceded to be the world’s standard of engine design.

In the new model Twin Six, the long, low effect reaches the plane of art. A free flowing line defines the contour of the body. The fluent beauty of an aircraft in flight—of a seagull on the wing—is in its graceful sweep. There is, too, a touch of raciness, as if its style created an atmosphere with a tang to it and a tone with a high, clear lilt in it. Among the advanced features of design are the straight line roofs which distinguish the enclosed cars.

The lustrous finish attracts and delights the eye. The inward power and beauty of the Twin Six engine are reflected in the outward charm.

Strikingly different as it is from the Packard of other years, the new model is distinctively Packard, and in the Packard way distinctive. Essential patterns persist, in radiator contour, in hub caps, lamp frames and other hall marks which long have identified Packard styles. What is perhaps even more characteristic of the Packard is the good taste that marks the whole design. Every line is authentic, expressing Packard character and the ideals of the coachbuilder’s art.


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