1920 Packard Twin Six 3-25 and 3-35 Information

From the brochure:

PACKARD service has been organized for the purpose of assisting Packard owners to keep their motor carriages in good repair and adjustment.

Packard service includes the following— 1. We will make all necessary adjustments for one month after delivery of the motor carriage, provided it is brought to our Service Department for that purpose and has not been tampered with or injured through accident or neglect. After that time all work will be done in a careful and workmanlike manner at our regular charge for such work, except as noted in Clause 2.

2. We will install at our service station without expense to an owner either for parts, labor or transportation, any parts that may be replaced as defective by the Packard Motor Car Company or ourselves under the warranty printed below, for a period of ninety days after delivery of the motor carriage to the purchaser.

3. All gratis work under the Packard warranty is to be done at our service station, and in the event an owner requests warranty work to be done at a distance from our service station the expenses of the workman for transportation, board and lodging, if any, will be charged to the customer.

4. If, at the time warranty work is being done, we are called upon to do ordinary repair work which does not come under the warranty, the labor and material required for such repair work will be charged at our regular rates.

5. It is understood that inspections and instructions concerning the operation and care of Packard vehicles, though made by our employees, are in fact made on behalf of the owner and that the inspector or instructor is acting for him. The owner, therefore, waives all claims arising out of any fault or omission in connection therewith.

6. It is our intention to give each and every purchaser of Packard motor carriage fair and businesslike treatment. Should any patron not receive it, we ask in good faith to be so advised.



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