1920 Packard Twin Six Prestige Brochure

From the brochure:

QUARTER century ago the automobile was scarcely known. Only two or three “horseless vehicles” were on record. Today, there are more than four hundred makers and more than seven million cars in use. What can a prospective purchaser learn from these twenty-odd years of progress?

How may one take advantage of established facts and leave the theories behind?

The problem cannot be answered off-hand. But sooner or later, every industry narrows down to relatively few makers and a few standard ideas.

Nearly fifteen years ago the first signs of such a change began to show in the auto­mobile business.

Progress in Motor Design

In 1908 the four cylinder motor had the stage. Engineers and public alike acclaimed it as “superior — marking a new era.”

But experience is a good teacher.

After four or five years the need of further development became evident, and engineers redoubled their efforts to overcome a funda­mental objection — vibration.

The introduction of the six cylinder motor, however, cut short much of the four cylinder experimentation. The four cylinder type be­came the heavy duty truck motor— a work for which it was and still is eminently fitted.

In the six cylinder motor, properly designed, the industry had something fundamentally right and probably permanent.


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