1930 Packard Eight Prestige Brochure Inlet

 From the brochure 

“WHEN Packard makes a statement you can bank on its being founded on the best of evidence. The very bed­rock of much of Packard’s advertising and selling effort is based on the interest­ing answers thousands of owners have given in the questionnaire that is delivered with each new Packard car. …”   


-          Sales Information on Packard Eight Model 7-26 & 7-33

-          Reasons to buy a Packard

-          Prices on 11 different Body Styles



-          High Quality Reprint

-          Full Color

-          11 pages

-          Dimensions 5.8” x 8.3”

-          Paper Weight 61 lbs

-          Saddle Stiched


15$ plus shipping

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