1930 Packard Eight Prestige Brochure

From the brochure 

"WHILE contour of cushion and depth of upholstery spring are important, luxurious transportation really begins with the proper design of motor and chassis and the use of the best in materials and workmanship. We believe that the new Packard cars excel all others in those mechanical features which make for comfort in riding and driving. So sure are we of this that we politely, but quite insistently, challenge you to compare today’s Packard with any other car.

We ask you to examine the model of your choice and then to tell us even one thing you think we have neglected. We invite you to take the car out in traffic and over the open road. You will find an ease and quietness of operation that you have long wished for. This comes from important refinements and im­provements almost too numerous to mention.

Of course, the simple straight eight motor has been retained. No other now affords such insurance against rapid depreciation due to motor design change, a most im­portant consideration. For in one way, a car is only as young as its motor. And added youth has been given the proven Packard engine design with new carburetion which provides a tremendous motor ac­tivity with surprising quietness.

Together with the improved motor is a four-speed transmission designed and built by Packard to meet changing traffic conditions. ..."




-          Sales Information on Packard Eight Model 7-26 & 7-33

-          The Shock Absorbers and Steering Gear

-          The Packard Braking System

-          The Packard Lubrication System

-          The Packard Straight-Eight Power Plant

-          Specifications

-          11 different Body Styles



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