1929 Packard Eight Prestige Brochure

From the brochure

   Packard was the first prominent American motor car manufacturer to announce the use of the eight-in-line or straight-eight motor. This was in 1923 after eight years of experience with a perfected V-type motor. Today finds 20 leading makers in this country using the straight-eight motor while the number offering the V-type has dropped from 30 to four. And in Europe, the original home of the V-type motor, the record is now 22 to none, for there is not a single V-type stock motor car built in Europe today.

The new Packard Standard Eight motor includes every improvement and refinement Packard has learned in building the great Packard Eight for more than five years. It is extremely simple in design and challenges comparison with any motor of similar power, particularly those of the complicated design now being so rapidly superseded by the straight-eight type. Some idea of its simplicity can be had by a study of the illustrations on the opposite page.

Please note how accessible every unit is and that each may be removed for adjustment or repair without interfering with any other. This simplicity accounts for the very low service charges for Packard motor work. On page seven you will find a most interesting and nontechnical discussion of motor design principles and some of the reasons why Packard knows there is every advantage and not a single disadvantage in building a straight-eight motor of Packard’s design.

On page six of this section you will find some illustrations of the Packard Shock Absorbing System, a combination of new Packard and European inventions that is found exclusively on the new Packard cars. These inventions include Packard’s own double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers, built into the axles, and a unique shock-absorbing device mounted at the rear of the left front spring. The former contributes to an entirely new riding comfort and the latter to a safety in steering operation never before known. Front wheel shimmy and steering whip have been absolutely eliminated, long the goal of the world’s leading motor car engineers. We believe that either of these new features alone will make it worth your while to buy a Packard and that you will agree with us after you have investigated it. We call your particular attention to page five which illustrates and explains the lubrication features of the Packard motor and chassis. We believe that no other car is so adequately protected against the costly wear and tear of friction. And cost is not the only factor to consider, for there is a mental and physical satisfaction in having a car that is free from annoying squeaks and rattles. If you do not ask the next Packard owner you see anything else, please be sure to ask him what he thinks of the labor-saving and money-saving chassis lubricator. He lubricates every chassis point requiring frequent and regular attention in less time than it takes to sound the horn and with less effort than used in setting the hand brake. Another improvement, and one most interesting to women, is in the steering mechanism. Ball bearings are now provided on the cross shaft in the steering gear case, and the last frictional resistance to almost effortless steering has been removed. You will sense this the moment you guide the car around a corner or in and out of traffic.

We have long said that only a ride can tell the Packard story. We cordially invite you to ride in one of the new cars and put it to any test your ownership would ever call for. We do want you to experience and appreciate the exclusive comfort and safety features we have added and to feel the power thrill of the new motor. Any Packard dealer stands ready to serve you and without any obligation on your part. 



-          Sales Information on Packard Eight Model 6-26 & 6-33

-          The Shock Absorbers and Steering Gear

-          The Packard Braking System

-          The Packard Lubrication System

-          The Packard Straight-Eight Power Plant

-          Specifications

-          10 different Body Styles



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