1927 Packard Eight Prestige Brochure

From the brochure   

The Packard Eight stands as a challenger in the very forefront of the world’s finest motor cars, asking that it be put to any test, in the salon, on the open road, or up the mountain side, in order that it may prove that it is the greatest car in the world. Four years have seen the Packard Eight time-tested by thousands of enthusiastic owners under every possible condition. It is notable that this discriminating clientele, measuring the car against experiences with other fine cars, has suggested nothing calling for change. It has remained but to refine. This has been done in motor, chassis and body. 

A perusal of the feature and technical illustrations following the car display pages will indicate the improvements which now make the Packard Eight a still more enjoyable car to own.

As you go through this booklet and as you study the beauty of line of the newly designed and lowered bodies, please give particular attention to the pages displaying and describing the simplicity of the motor and chassis. Great engineers, like great artists, make a virtue of simplicity, and the Packard Eight is its finest expression among great motor cars.

Though the following pages represent the highest examples of the printer’s art, neither word nor picture can tell the story of the Packard Eight. It is one that only the car itself can tell, in repose or in motion, and anyone who will live with it, even but for a day, will understand. Why not take this short way to settle your motor car buying problem? Any Packard man will provide the car.

The cars shown have been pictured with every fidelity as to line and shade. Excellent as they are, they portray but a promise of the beauty of the original and, of course, it is possible to show but a few of the unlimited color combinations which are available. There are no numerical limitations to the colors and fabrics awaiting the choice of those who buy the Packard Eight. Each purchaser may have a car finished and trimmed to his or her most individual desire. Packard distributers and dealers everywhere have ready a selection of harmonious color sets and fabric samples from which artistic choices can be made.

The seven standard body types include four closed and three of the open variety. These are, the seven-passenger Sedan, the seven- passenger Sedan-Limousine, the five-passenger Club Sedan and the four-passenger Coupe; the seven-passenger Touring Car, the five- passenger Phaeton and the two- or four-passenger Runabout.

The Packard Eight enters its fifth year more secure than ever in its position of leadership. No car in Packard’s history—and Packard has produced many great cars—has met with such an acceleration of regard by its owners and their friends. The Packard Eight owner in his enthusiasm seldom makes it necessary to “ask the man who owns one." The question is answered before it is asked, a most remarkable tribute, but one well deserved, as you will learn after you have your Packard Eight.

In addition to the wide range of selections available through the individualization of the standard cars, a complete line of custom creations is offered. Each body is custom built in the truest sense of the word, designed in the studios and individually built in the shops of the foremost coach builders. These are presented in full colors and described completely in a beautiful catalogue that may be had upon request from any Packard distributer or dealer. 


-         Sales Information on Packard Eight Model 4-43

-          The Shock Absorbers and Steering Gear

-          The Packard Braking System

-          The Packard Lubrication System

-          The Packard Straight-Eight Power Plant

-          Specifications

-          7 different Body Styles



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